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LINC is a front-end delivery platform

Linc provides hosting optimised for progressive web applications with server side rendering to greatly enhance page load speed as well as improvements to SEO and social sharing. Test on multiple enviroments, even in production and release with confidence.

  • Deploy

    Deploy to all environments on every push to version control. Pick your preferred way of deploying new code. At the CLI, via our API or through a Webook for your favourite VCS such as Github.

  • SEO

    Test any version in any environment (even production!). After deployment you get a URL specific for that version and environment. This allows you to test in production without distrupting your users.

  • Reliable

    Release to your customers without any downtime guaranteed. Linc allows you to instantly switch between versions. So if you do have problems, switching back to the previous version takes seconds.

Testing in Production

Our unique deployment infrastructure allows you to test a version in production before releasing it to your customers.

No Vendor Lock-in

The Server-Side Rendering is open source. So your investment in your code is safe. You can always host it yourself.

Location aware

Our servers will tell you where your user is, so you can provide them with an optimised experience for their location.

Custom Rendering logic

Have an obscure stack? Or do you want to squeeze the last bit of performance out of your site? Write your own rendering logic.

Stack Agnostic

Don't be locked in with a fixed set of technologies to use. Let us know if your stack isn't supported yet.

Multiple AWS Regions

Not just good for speed, it also allows us to keep serving your site even when (extremely rare) AWS outages happen.

API & CLI access

Configuring Linc is done using a simple-to-use CLI. Alternatively, you can build your own logic and integrate with our API.

Links with favorite VCS

When linked with services like Github or Bitbucket, Linc will build, optimise and deploy your code on every push.



Our free plan allows you to host your app on our <sitename>.linc-app.co domain.

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This plan is perfect for startups and other small businesses. It includes 30,000 page views and up to five of your own domains.

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This plan includes 100,000 page views and up to 10 domains. It also allows for many more advanced optimisation techniques.

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