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render everything in the time it takes to render the spinner.

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LINC - Front End Delivery Platform

No Compromise - No Hassles

The future of the web is in rich Javascript applications. Client-side Rendering is here to stay with technologies like React and Angular.

But they come at a high price. It takes a long time for your customers to download everything
and crawlers have a hard time indexing your pages – which sucks for SEO.

LINC works by taking your Client-side code and executes it on the server when a request comes in from your customer.
After that initial page is rendered, your Client-side  app will download and take over, delivering a great customer experience. 

And because LINC is a fully hosted solution all you have to do connect your
favourite version control system (like GitHub and BitBucket) and we’ll take care of the rest.


LINC is the web's first Front End Delivery Platform - fast page loads, full SEO support, no hassles.

Snappy page loads

LINC turbocharges your site load times - render everything in the time it takes to render the spinner.

SEO works

SEO works out of the box, improving your findability in all search engines. Preview links render beautifully on social.

Happy users

Attracting new users, increase TOS, and drive repeat visits thanks to Client-side Rendering.

Awesome DX

Easy to set up, and gets out of your way. Integrate with your workflow. Connect with your favorite VCS, use our CLI or connect directly to API.

The web as it should be.

Front-end Delivery Platforms = unfettered web development for the 21st Century

Great SEO
Fast page renders
Web app experience
Low maintenance

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