Linc + Slack

Integrating Linc with Slack

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Linc + Slack

Speed up your workflow with the Linc bot Slack app.

Get build status updates, direct links to build logs and preview links for all your environments without leaving Slack!

slack bot messages
Linc bot messages


To enable Linc + Slack integration, please ensure you have a Linc account and at least one Linc site. See our setup page for more information on how to set up a Linc site.

Linc Slack integration is enabled per Linc site. To enable Slack integration for one of your Linc sites, navigate to your site's settings page, scroll down to the Slack Integration section and click the Add to Slack button:

add to slack
Add to Slack button

After completing the Add to Slack flow, you'll be redirected back to your site's settings page. You can then select which Slack channel you'd like to receive Linc updates.

select slack channel
Slack channel selection


The Linc Slack app integrates seemlessly with your existing Linc workflow.

Just push a commit and Linc bot will post a message to a provided Slack channel whenever one of your builds passes or fails:

For successfull builds, Linc bot posts a message containing per environment preview links, allowing you to instantly run your code change without needing to click through to the Linc interface.

For failed builds, Linc bot posts a message containing a direct link to the build log so you can quickly inspect what went wrong.

Whether your build passess or fails, all Linc bot messages contain direct links to the commit and the branch.

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